Through the Sprott Competes Fund, donors make it possible for students at the Sprott School of Business to participate in national and international competitions. This includes events like the RO/CA International Case Competition, a unique partnership between Carleton University and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Case Competitions have a long tradition at the Sprott School of Business – and provide students with meaningful experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Participants work as part of a team, forge new connections, and hone valuable business analysis, problem solving, collaboration and presentation skills.

“I participated in the RO/CA Case Competition in my third year, and it was probably the most profound experience I had at Sprott…. The whole experience really impacted me by giving me more exposure to the real business world through cracking the case and the presentation in front of actual company executives. Also, I think the work adequately prepared me for other things I was to face both academically and professionally.”Cedric Osagie-Ogunbor (BCOM, 4th year student)

Donor support of the Sprott Competes Fund makes it possible for Carleton to host case competitions – an  opportunity to welcome students, university colleagues and business partners to our campus – and for our business students to travel to competitions in Canada and around the globe.