The Leonard Shifrin and Louise Dulude Canadian Social Policy Emerging Reporter Fund will support upper-year or graduate journalism students pursuing in-depth reporting and research projects on topics of progressive social policy and the pursuit of equitable decision-making.

The fund is named after Louise Dulude and her late husband Leonard Shifrin, who dedicated their life’s work to reducing poverty and advancing women’s issues, and to policy directions that produce better physical and mental health for all Canadians.

Len was a lawyer, journalist and head of the National Council of Welfare, and Louise was a lawyer and the head of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women. Through their collective efforts, they aimed to call attention to the importance of alleviating poverty by means of social policy in the interests of human dignity and in respect of human rights.

Louise and Len’s strong support for women’s rights led them to focus on the importance of taking the circumstances of women into consideration when developing policies to address social welfare. Through both their personal and professional lives, Louise and Len remained committed to advocating for social justice to ensure that everyone in society has the resources to thrive and have the means of reaching their full potential.